About the Access to HE Diploma

The Access to HE Diploma enables adults without other qualifications such as A levels to progress to higher education.

Regulated by QAA, the Access to HE qualification is widely recognised by UK universities and colleges. There are over 1,500 different courses leading to the Access to HE Diploma. Access Validating Agencies (AVAs) validate and review these courses, and award the Access to HE qualification to successful students.

Under the QAA Recognition Scheme, AVAs have the following specific responsibilities in relation to quality assurance:

  • advice and guidance to providers wishing to develop new courses
  • validation of Diplomas by a panel which includes HE representation
  • moderation arrangements for Access courses
  • review and evaluation of Access courses
  • monitoring of standards of student achievement
  • collaboration with local HE institutions to ensure the continuing fitness for purpose of recognised programmes

If you are interested in studying, you can search for Access to HE courses across the country on the QAA Access to HE directory. Alternatively, look for a course at one of our approved providers by searching our Access to HE Course Directory.

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