Off-the-Shelf Diplomas

Here is a full list of the Access to HE Diplomas we offer.

Some are ready to deliver off-the-shelf with additional unit information (AUI), common core units across titles, support material and diploma guides. Others have been developed for a specific learner group but are available for delivery by other centres.

If you don’t know what you are looking for, please contact us as we are continually refining and improving the offer. We may be able to develop a title you are looking for.

The diploma descriptions have been written with the learner in mind. If you are an approved centre you can use the logos, progression diagrams and descriptions in your promotional material.

Please contact to request logo and graphic files or Customer Services for information on the diploma.

Allied Health Professions
Applied Social Science and Allied Professions
Art and Design
Business and Information Systems
Business Management and IT
Business Management
Business Studies and Economics
Combined Sciences
Computer Science and Maths
Computing and ICT
Creative Media, Computer Games and 3D Modelling
Creative Writing, English Literature and Journalism
Criminology and Sociology
Early Years
Education Studies
Education, Teaching and Childhood Studies
Electronics and Computer Engineering
Engineering Science and Maths
Health and Related Health Professions
Health and Social Care
Health Professions and Social Sciences
Health Professions
Humanities & Social Sciences
Humanities and Social Science
IT and Product Design
Journalism and Creative Writing
Law and Business
Life Science
Nursing and Health
Nursing and Midwifery
Nursing, Midwifery and Health Studies
Paramedic Studies
Performing Arts
Primary Teaching
Psychology and Counselling
Psychology and Sociology
Psychosocial Studies
Science and Health Professions
Social and Political Science
Social Science
Social Science and Public Service Related Professions
Social Sciences and Humanities
Social Sciences
Social Studies and Humanities
Social Studies
Social Work and Health and Social Care
Social Work and Related Professions
Social Work
Sports Science

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