Benefits of Gateway Assured

The Gateway Assured offer will provide a number of benefits to you, your organisation and your trainees.

Training packages

Your training package must meet Gateway Qualifications’ quality assurance requirements. This could:

  • demonstrate your commitment to providing a quality service when advertising the training to third parties such as employers
  • provide evidence of external quality assurance of programmes when submitting bids or tenders for additional funding/grants
  • illustrate your guarantee to meeting and maintaining high quality standards as part of an audit or inspection.

You will

  • be able to deliver bespoke CPD and training approved by an independent organisation with expertise in quality assurance related to education and training
  • be able to offer certificated, approved training packages for a niche market where nationally recognised qualifications are not available or relevant
  • be able to use Gateway Assured logo on your training materials and marketing
  • have access to Gateway Qualifications’ consultancy services (these services vary based on the scheme selected).

Trainees will

  • gain evidence of achieving new skills, knowledge and competence for their career development; progression into employment; and/or further training
  • receive a certificate of attendance for an approved training package, which clearly indicates the programme and where they have studied.


We will:

  • promote your training through case studies on our website and in our newsletters
  • provide you with consultancy and advice to improve your offer
  • provide you with a speedy certification process with a turnaround time of less than five days.