Gateway Assured Traineeships

Traineeships logoA new approach to Traineeships using the Skills Passport

The Gateway Assured Skills Passport is a brand new scheme developed as part of the new Gateway Assured offer.

Particularly suitable for use within Traineeships, the Gateway Assured Skills Passport can be used alongside approved training packages to record evidence of the knowledge and skills trainees have acquired over a period of time, as well as providing trainees with an opportunity to record their action planning, review and evaluation.

Why use a Gateway Assured Skills Passport for Traineeships?

Traineeships must include employability skills, English and Maths and a work placement, but do not necessarily require the completion of qualifications. The Gateway Assured Skills Passport is a unique way of providing trainees with a certificate of achievement from a nationally recognised awarding organisation for the skills, knowledge and experience they have gained, without having the pressure of completing regulated qualifications.

How does it work?

A training package could be developed to include, for example:

  • Elements of employability skills e.g. workplace behaviours, team work
  • Specific employer-related skills e.g. workplace awareness, skills relevant for work in business admin, retail, customer service etc
  • Development of elements of English, Maths and ICT relevant to the trainee’s needs
  • Industry relevant additional training – e.g. Employment Rights and Responsibilities
  • A log of activity in the work placement
  • Action planning, review and evaluation.

Once the training package is approved by Gateway Qualifications as part of one of the Gateway Assured schemes, a Gateway Skills Passport can be used to record the trainee’s progress throughout the Traineeship and be used as additional evidence for their Achievement Record to present to prospective employers.

Gateway Assured Schemes

The Gateway Assured Skills Passport is an additional optional
feature within these Gateway Assured Schemes:

  • Gateway Gold – the scheme designed for larger employers and training providers offering a wide range of training packages
  • Gateway Silver – this scheme is designed for employers (including SMEs) or training providers who offer a limited number of training packages.