Funding and Policy

Please use the links below to find out more about public funding available for our qualifications.

We have done our best to collate and summarise the key information, and wherever possible we alert our providers on changes in funding policy, however it is always advisable to check with your contacts at the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) and Education Funding Agency (EFA) too.

As new policies are unveiled and initiatives launched visit this section to see how Gateway Qualifications can help you.

Learning Aims Search

The Hub provides a Learning Aims Search which you can use to check the funding status of any qualification or unit.

Please note that whilst we check external links regularly, the owners of these sites may move or remove documents at any time.

Advanced Learner Loans

Details of qualifications eligible for funding through loans.

EFA Funding

Details of qualifications on Section 96 and eligible for EFA Funding.

SFA Funding

Details of qualifications fundable by the Skills Funding Agency

Unit Funding

Information on fundable units and how to check eligibility on the Hub

Study Programmes

We can help you develop a curriculum that meets the requirements of the Study Programme and supports other priorities facing the 16-19 market.


Find out what a Traineeship is and how Gateway Qualifications can help build a suitable curriculum for your learners.

ESF Contracts

A selection of resources designed to help you when delivering ESF contracts.

Funding Webinars

Keeping you up to date with the latest funding news and developments with expert webinar hosts.