Centre Recognition

Thinking of becoming an approved Centre with us?

We want to make the process for you to come on board as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Before starting the process to become a recognised centre, you should have a read through our Centre Handbook to ensure you are ready and able to pass our approval process.

Step 1 – Contact Gateway Qualifications

  • We will ask some standard questions regarding your organisation, your current systems and your specific requirements.

Step 2 – Our Development team will contact you and outline the following

  • The range of existing Qualifications, units and courses you would be able to access.
  • How to gain independent quality assurance for your own courses or in-house training.
  • How Gateway Qualifications will support you to develop new units and courses according to your specific needs.
  • The range of training options available for you or your staff.
  • Centre Recognition requirements.
  • What you would need to do to meet our Quality Assurance requirements.

Step 3 – Apply for Centre Recognition

  • To go ahead, you will need to complete and sign a Centre Recognition Application, agree to our Centre Recognition Terms and Conditions, and, with our support, agree internal quality assurance arrangements.
  • Documentation provided will be reviewed against the Centre Recognition terms and conditions after which Centre Recognition will be confirmed and the Annual Centre fee will be charged.

Start the process now

Become a Recognised Centre

Short application form to start the process.

Centre Handbook and Guidance

The Gateway Qualifications Centre Handbook acts as a key reference tool for recognised centres and provides new centres an insight into working with us.