Fees and Charges

Our pricing is designed to be as simple and clear as possible and to offer you value for money with great service.

As a registered charity, we seek to offer our products and services at the lowest viable price to enable as many organisations and learners to benefit from them as possible.

All of our prices are set out in our Qualification Price List.

Qualification Price List 2017-18 (pdf)

After last year’s rationalisation of our Annual Centre Fee, the charge for 2017/18 will be consolidated to £750 per year for all Centres. This fee allows us to provide our comprehensive support package to Centres.

The only other fee you have to pay is our combined registration and certification fee for each learner registered, and these are detailed in our Qualification Price List, with unit prices included at the back. Prices for our Apprenticeship packages are also detailed in our Apprenticeships Directory.

We are pleased to be able to hold our Registration and Certification prices at last year’s levels, meaning that it won’t cost you any more to use our 600+ regulated qualifications or Access to HE Diplomas in 2017-18.

Qualification prices for 2016-17 - If you need our 2016-17 prices for any reason, the price list is available below.

Qualification prices for 2015-16 - If you need our 2015-16 prices for any reason, the Qualification Catalogue is available below.


What we charge for:

We charge:

  • An Annual Centre Fee.
  • A combined Registration and Certification fee for each learner registered.

The following charges are avoidable, but we also charge:

  • A fee for late registration of learners.
  • A fee for additional quality monitoring, beyond the maximum included in your annual charge.
  • A Replacement Certificate fee.

Optional Extras that we make a charge for:

  • Unit writing and approval
  • Certain accredited training courses. Details of these courses and the charges are in our Training and Development section.
  • Additional general consultancy

What we don’t charge for:

We don’t charge for:

  • Undertaking our Centre Recognition process - regardless of whether you decide to become a centre or not.
  • Access to our online registration and awarding system.
  • Curriculum planning and development advice.
  • General support and advice.
  • Visits from your Account Management team.
  • Qualification Development*.
  • Attendance at Gateway Qualifications events and forums.

*We reserve the right to charge for qualification development where learner registrations are expected to be low, or where the qualification will be restricted to the developing organisation and therefore not available for other organisations to use.

Details of all our current charges and prices for all our qualifications are listed in our Qualification Price List.

Prices for our Apprenticeship Packages are also listed in our Apprenticeships Directory.