Posted: 21 Mar 2017

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How do I prepare my learners for GCSE and Functional Skills?


It is hard to underestimate the importance for our society of helping young people to become proficient in English and maths. English and Maths skills are widely regarded as being the crucial, underpinning skills required for people to succeed, both in work and their wider lives. However, concerns have long been expressed about low achievement in English and Maths qualifications. This is why the Government has attached such importance to these subjects.

Significant numbers of young people leave school each year without good GCSE passes in English and maths. Some learners, having found GCSE and Functional Skills difficult in the past, are daunted by the prospect of taking it again.

Our bitesize English and maths qualifications can help your learners with their preparations for achieving their GCSE or Functional skills. The Awards and Certificates in English and maths have been designed as stepping stones for learners and to recognise and reward progress towards achieving an A*- C in GCSE English/Maths or the Level 1 or Level 2 Functional Skills English/Maths Qualification. These qualifications address the needs of learners with English and Maths skills below Level 2 and provide the necessary flexibility and responsiveness required by adult learners.

These bitesize qualifications cover evident skills gaps and offer learners a progressive route through a staged process. This approach allows you to identify specific needs and rewards success at each stage of the journey to literacy and numeracy. Our bitesize approach means we have broken the content of the curriculum down into small, coherent units with assessment that is flexible, robust and will help motivate the learners to progress towards Functional Skills or GCSE.

As most of these bitesize English and maths qualifications are small 2 or 3 credit units you can deliver them stand-alone using them as skills gap qualifications. For example, we have units such as Mathematics – Using Probability and English - Engage in Discussion etc. these are short, sharp units focusing on specific areas. You can also deliver these units alongside level 1 or level 2 qualifications. These bitesize qualifications fit perfectly into intensive summer classes.      

Our approach to English and maths provides more learner support than simply re-sitting exams to achieve Functional Skills / GCSE at Level 2. Our bitesize English and maths qualifications produce impressive outcomes as learners take highly personalised progression routes and can study and complete units at their own pace – an approach that can transform outcomes.

If you would be interested in exploring these options further, or delivering this Qualification to your Learners, please feel free to contact us on 01206 911 211 or