Posted: 13 Apr 2017

training calendar update

Can you give your learners more?

As we enter the final term of the year, you may be asking what more you can give your learners? What more can you do to enhance your learners’ achievements and add value to their experience.

It is becoming more apparent that If you can add value for your learners, and the public purse, by using additional qualifications this can help provide evidence for audits and inspections - as well the benefit for learners of knowing that their skills and knowledge has been officially recognised.

Small qualifications, such as E-Safety, provide an ideal opportunity to do just this, and Ofsted are seeing it as a step in the right direction to meeting your safeguarding requirements.

We have a number of qualifications that you can use to do this across subjects such as:

  • Employability
  • Enterprise
  • Communication Skills
  • Study Skills

In many cases, the learners will already have completed the learning and you are able to recognise this formally by mapping that to a qualification. Alternatively, the small size of these qualifications allows them to completed in a short period time after completion of a learner's main programme, during an induction programme or summer school, or alongside other learning.

Find out more about how to use E-Safety to help evidence meeting your safeguarding responsibilities.

If you are interested in finding out more please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.