Qualification Amendments and Withdrawals

Gateway Qualifications continuously reviews its qualification offer so that at all times we can be sure that our qualifications remain relevant, up-to-date and meet the needs of our learners.

As a result we may need to amend and update a qualification or we may need to consider withdrawing a qualification where there is a lack of demand or where it is deemed the qualification is no longer fit for purpose.  This is part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring that we continue to provide current high quality qualifications for learners and  maintain regulatory compliance.

Where a decision is taken to amend or withdraw a qualification we will undertake all reasonable steps to protect the interests of learners.  We will give reasonable notice to centres of the nature of the changes and timescales as to when they will come into effect.

In the case where a qualification will be withdrawn learners will be able to complete a qualification for which they have registered or will be given a reasonable amount of notice to complete the qualification.  Notification of withdrawal of a qualification will normally be made at least 12 months before the final registration date.

We will review and extend qualifications if there are active registrations and/or an increase in learner numbers, or a centre wishes to offer the qualification.

Following a recent review and in response to regulatory requirements we will be withdrawing the following qualifications:

As always, if you have any queries please contact your account manager or Customer Service.