Quality Assurance

Recognised Centres delivering Gateway Qualifications provision must have quality management systems in place to underpin that delivery.

This section provides information and exemplar paperwork to assist you with maintaining a robust quality management system.

Direct Claims Status and Approved Internal Quality Assurer Status


Centres wishing to make direct claims for certification need to establish that they have suitable staff and a robust and effective system of internal quality assurance. 

This is undertaken through centre recognition and subsequent quality review visits to the centre.  The Centre’s External Quality Assurer therefore lies at the heart of these processes and has the responsibility of proposing applications from nominees for Approved Internal Quality Assurance status and approving centres to move to direct claims status.


For direct claims status Centres need to have established internal quality assurance systems. These must be fit for purpose and have been applied effectively for a minimum of one complete cycle of programme delivery, learner registration and certification. 

At times more than one cycle may be required to demonstrate all aspects of internal quality assurance are in place. For example, where delivery is over a very short period or small numbers of staff are involved. The External Quality Assurer needs to be satisfied systems are robust before approving direct claims status, borderline cases may be referred to the Director of Quality.


Centres will need suitable staff in place to support internal quality assurance and sign off.  Centres should be encouraged to identify Approved Internal Quality Assurance nominee(s) early and they should apply to Gateway Qualifications using the appropriate form (Application for Approved Internal Quality Assurance Status).  They will then be advised on the best route to gaining approval (e.g. training requirement or endorsement).


Quality and Assessment Manager will be responsible for both the endorsement of Approved Internal Quality Assurance nominees and the confirmation of direct claims status to the Centre.


Some aspects of these processes may be covered at centre recognition and all aspects of internal quality assurance are part of centre quality review; Approved Internal Quality Assurer status and direct claims therefore align well with these.


Gateway Qualifications will accept individuals approved for direct claims status by another Awarding Organisation and have proof of this approval will be given on this basis followed by an External Quality Assurer visit within 4 months after the Centre becomes active.


The following examples are acceptable qualifications for an Approved Internal Quality Assurer to hold (although Gateway Qualifications will consider other internal verification qualifications upon submission):


·         D34 qualification.

·         V1 qualification. 

·         NOCN Internal Verifier Award.

·         NOCN Internal Verification of Credit Based Learning: Continuing Professional Development for Practitioners Award.

·         Level 4 Award in the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice (QCF).

·         Level 4 Certificate in Leading the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice (QCF).

Internal Quality Assurance

A collection of exemplar forms for Internal Quality Assurance

External Quality Assurance

Information about the circumstances in which a Centre will be subject to external quality assurance.

Approved Internal Quality Assurer Status

AIQAS enables an Internal Quality Assurer within a recognised centre to authorise the Recommendation for the Award of Credit (RAC) form issued by Gateway Qualifications, without the need for external quality assurance.

Direct Claims Status

Information for Centres wishing to make direct claims for certification.

Quality Process

A risk based systems approach, which allows appropriate level of support to be provided to Centres.