4th December 2019
1 day event
Rory, Clare & Rachel

Come and say hello!

We look forward to catching up with familiar faces and introducing ourselves to new ones at this year’s event.


We have been working in prison education for a while now due to being chosen by Ministry of Justice for the provision of ESOL in prisons, meaning our knowledge and experience of this area is continuously strengthened – come over for a chat and take advantage of what we know!

Our ESOL provision features real-life scenarios that learners can relate to, allows for contextualisation and can be easily embedded within other courses. On demand assessments ensure your learners are better placed to achieve their goals and progress to higher level qualifications and employment.

English and maths

Our suite of English and maths qualifications makes challenging subjects learner friendly by covering evident skills gaps and offering a progressive route through a staged process; this approach allows you to identify specific needs of your leaners and reward success at each stage of the journey for literacy and numeracy. Curriculum content is broken down into coherent, bite-sized units with assessment that will help motivate learners to progress towards Functional Skills or GCSE.

Supporting mixed ability teaching is high on Gateway Qualifications agenda as is the flexibility to embed the teaching of English and maths skills within other provision, alongside the existing vocational curriculum.

Free resources!

Head over to our stand for your free copies of:

  • ESOL materials, including guidance on contextualising and activities for learners
  • Embedding English and maths into vocational, employability/independence
  • Essential digital skills are coming…

Proud sponsors

As Lanyard Sponsors at this year’s event, we welcome you to our new Essential Digital Skills qualification leaflet, which explains the new national entitlement for adults and outlines what you need to do to prepare for them.

About English, Maths and ESOL Conference 2019

A joint conference organised by Learning and Work Institute, ICL Institute Education, UCU, RaPAL and NATECLA, this event looks at supporting adults with English, maths and ESOL.

The need to tackle poor basic ability has never been greater, with nine million adults in the UK having low literacy and numeracy skills. Poor skills holds back individuals, communities and limits the productivity of businesses, but the number of adults taking up courses which develop these skills is falling; for 2017-18, 25% fewer adults than in the previous year.

The English, maths and ESOL Annual Conference is a unique event for the sector and offers a key opportunity to share insights from policy, research and practice. Participants are also open to the opportunity to interact with others in the field, and develop new ways to overcome current challenges.

Book your ticket via the Learning and Work Institute website