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The Hub is a great source of information, funding rules, checking that figures are correct for your budget, and much more. Try and use it all the time and become familiar with the filters and information provided.

Below you’ll find guidance on how to navigate around the Hub to find funded qualifications. If you’d prefer a narrated example of how to use the Hub, please watch our How to Use the Hub webinar, or the later part of our main AEB Funding webinar.

1. Click here to be taken to the Hub website. To find out if a qualification is funded, click on the ‘Learning Aims’ tab on the home page:

2. The Hub always defaults the ‘Teaching Year’ to the current year we are in, so be sure to change that to the year you are budget planning for:

3. At the very bottom of the page is ‘Additional Filters’. After clicking here, you will see a range of options to filter down your search. In the ‘Category’ box, scroll through and select the ‘Local Flexibility’ option then click ‘Search’:

4. You will then see results for funded qualifications for the year you are planning/searching for. On the left hand side of the screen, you can refine your search, for example by searching for a specific AO’s funded qualifications – Gateway Qualifications has 395 funded qualifications for 2018-2019, under local flexibilities:

5. Click on a qualification you are interested in, then click on the ‘Funding’ tab once the page has loaded. For AEB, you are interested in the ‘Adults Skills’ section. Here you will see how much your fully funded learner will attract:

6. Also within the ‘Adult Skills’ section, you will see ‘Last date for new start’. You need to make sure this date is within scope. By keeping an eye on this date, you will ensure that the qualification is funded and the date hasn’t expired. The Hub can sometimes take time to update, so always check with us if you are unsure:

If you have any questions about our qualifications or whether they are funded, always give our Business Development team a call on 01206 911 250.