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Access to HE: Getting Ready for the FAB

Posted on April 27th 2021

An opportunity to learn or update your FAB knowledge and esure a successful and smooth-running Final Awards Board.

EDSQ resources from bksb

Posted on April 16th 2021

We are delighted to have partnered with one of the UK’s leading online teaching platforms, bksb, to offer more resources to Centres delivering Essential Digital Skills Qualifications.

How to meet local demand for software skills

Posted on March 31st 2021

Join this webinar to find out how you can deploy a ready to go solution for web developers and meet the needs in your area.

VCRF Awarding 2021 Centre support

Posted on March 31st 2021

Updated requirements and processes for Awarding 2021. Watch this to find out what you need to do this summer.

Exciting new progression and CPD opportunities for Access to HE

Posted on March 31st 2021

Together with UEL, we shared what our partnership brings to support and prepare Access to HE students for progressing to university plus CPD benefits for recognised centres.

Building a fundable offer for learners progressing from EDSQ

Posted on March 24th 2021

Watch this webinar if you are offering digital or ICT provision at Level 1 and above and find out what you can do right now to have a funded offer from August for your learners.

Ensuring learners are ready for EDSQ

Posted on March 24th 2021

Watch this webinar to find out what you can do right now to have a funded offer in digital from August for learners working at Entry Levels.

Curriculum planning opportunities to enhance your Access to HE offer

Posted on March 4th 2021

Discover the ways you can offer an individualised programme to your Access to HE students, which will help their CV, college or university applications stand out.

Vocational and Technical Awarding Arrangements 2021

Posted on February 26th 2021

In this half-hour webinar, we discussed which learners fall into scope, the overview of Category A and Category B qualifications, and the next steps.

Off-the-shelf Sector-based Work Academy package: Construction and Digital

Posted on February 10th 2021

This half-hour webinar is the final part of the five-part series of supporting Centres by introducing off-the-shelf packages for Sector Based Work Academies (SWAPs) in construction and digital.