To support progression onto employment, apprenticeships, or further education and training, Seetec delivers a range of employer-led traineeship programmes. These programmes help trainees gain skills needed to impress employers and support the search for exciting and worthwhile work placements.

To enhance the credibility of these programmes, Seetec decided to embed qualifications into their traineeships. Through a combination of short vocational and employability qualifications, trainees are motivated and able to achieve successful outcomes.

We started with just offering one vocational qualification along with Functional Skills, but this increased once we studied the Gateway Qualifications' offer and the needs of our trainees.

Alison Foster, QTLS (Lead Quality Assurer), Seetec

Encouraging an improved lifestyle

To promote a positive lifestyle, soft skill qualifications are embedded from induction. Through Gateway Qualifications Award in Personal Wellbeing, trainees increase their knowledge of the society in which they live and will work. This qualification develops knowledge of personal relationships, values and beliefs, quality and diversity, mental and physical wellbeing, as well as endorsing ways to manage and reduce risk, enabling leaners to make positive and informed choices in their lives.

We find that very few of our learners have healthy lifestyles, so this is the perfect qualification for our learner group. Our trainees can do two units and, as a result, achieve an Award, adopt a healthier lifestyle, make better decisions and build personal confidence and self-awareness.

Alison Foster, QTLS (Lead Quality Assurer), Seetec

Trainees then move onto safeguarding qualifications, with Gateway Qualifications Awards in E-Safety and British Values being introduced to the curriculum. An understanding of British values and how to be safe and responsible online can help learners’ self-development, aid employability and reliability, while positively contributing to the PREVENT duty.

We feel these qualifications offer the right knowledge for modern-day ways of working, and it's a great opportunity to include PREVENT. We find that trainees are not aware of the dangers so the focus from the Awards helps prepare them fully.

Alison Foster, QTLS (Lead Quality Assurer), Seetec

Preparing learners for employment

For the first 4-5 weeks of the 10-12 week traineeship, learners take part in work placement alongside classroom activity.

Seetec use this opportunity to include vocational learning that has pathways made up of vocational and employability units. The employability elements include:

  • searching for a job
  • interview skills
  • preparing for work placement
  • positive attitudes and behaviour at work.

In addition, trainees also take an Entry 3 unit from the Gateway Qualifications Award in Employability; producing a CV. Seetec deliver this as a one-day CV workshop, which works well as a motivational task as trainees create a professional CV while achieving an accredited unit of learning. Seetec understand that boosting confidence and celebrating successes is as important as gaining qualifications and a job – why not reward accomplishments with credits.

For 19+ learners, Seetec use bite-sized programmes for English and maths for those who find it difficult to perform under exam conditions. The college find the unit-by-unit approach is ideal to build learners ability up to Level 2, and that a portfolio of evidence motivates and boosts their confidence.

To speak to us about building a programme that suits the needs of both your leaners and centre, give us a call on 01206 911 211.