The Department for Education (DfE) recently published a report that examined course planning, content and curriculum which effectively supports the progression of 16 year old students who are below Level 2 grade.

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Key findings from the investigation found that:

  • Vocational elements are the most attractive to students
  • Institutions encourage work experience opportunities to teach employability and social skills in real-life settings
  • Institutions are delivering practical syllabuses with theory embedded
  • English and Maths are featured throughout the curriculum; particularly linked to vocational, functional skills and GCSE
  • Learning providers offer stepping stone accreditation, towards the final qualifications, to keep learners attention

You know your learners best, and if you are wanting to provide similar (or unique) findings to the DfE report feedback, contact us for advice on how we can help you put together a programme that meets your individual needs.

At Gateway Qualifications, there is a flexibility in how we work with you. We don’t prescribe fixed learning approaches as we believe our role is to enable you to provide learning experiences that empower your learners, to suit the way they want to learn.

An example of our work is our collaboration with East Kent College. East Kent College approached us with the challenge of improving educational outcomes and employability skills, and increasing participation and progression among learners at risk of becoming NEET.

Our innovative response is now delivered in more than fifteen curriculum areas and resulted in East Kent College winning an AoC Beacon Award. The integral flexibility offers learners the opportunity to transfer between vocational areas at ‘rotation’ points, set by you, throughout the year.

“Gateway Qualifications was uniquely able to deliver the suite of qualifications we needed, through its in-depth experience of the sector and its ability to provide innovative, bespoke solutions.” – Graham Razey, Principal, East Kent College 

For more information, click to read the East Kent College case study and the full Department for Education report.