Gateway Qualifications visited Jimmy’s Farm in Ipswich for a day of team building. It was an opportunity to work together as a group and enhance communication skills – all with the bonus of spending time in the sun!

Our day at the farm began with everyone’s favourite; a tour along the animal trail. We met piglets, raccoons, sheep and goats before entering the Butterfly House; a home for tropical butterflies flying freely amongst the exotic plants and flowers. One even landed on Quality Standards Officer Kath’s hand!

Jimmy's Farm Butterfly Hand

We then headed into the woods for our team activity. We were split into five groups and assigned the task of building a den with any of the natural materials that surrounded us. Our dens had to fit all of the team members inside, be safe and sturdy for all weather elements, and protect us from the (imaginary) woodland bears!

Jimmy's Farm Making Dens

Our creativity and (healthy) competitiveness was set free… From dens that were durable enough for ‘look out’ points, to the fully functioning dining room table and Scare Bear sculpture, our Educational Guide was struggling to pick a winner.

Jimmy's Farm Final DensJimmy's Farm Final Dens 2


The Award for Best Den had to go to Group Five who built a fort spacious enough to hold every member of our company! We’re thinking about re-locating the office…

Jimmy's Farm Inside Den

Just before home time we headed to the restaurant for tea and cake then visited the shop to stock up on fresh sausages and cheese from The Butchery.

Jimmy's Farm Afternoon Tea

We would highly recommend Jimmy’s Farm as a training or ice-breaking experience. For us, it was a great chance to connect with staff members that we might only chat to at the water cooler. We are a hardworking and friendly team and Jimmy’s Farm provided the perfect morale boost as we approach a busy time in our work calendar – we’re ready and waiting to print your certificates!