Ofqual Extraordinary Regulatory Framework

Ofqual has published its decisions following the consultation on the Extraordinary Regulatory Framework, which has come into effect today, Friday 22nd May 2020.

The aim is to provide sufficiently valid and reliable results to as many affected learners as possible. The Framework will enable us to award results to learners for qualifications that are in scope of the Framework, subject to an agreed mitigation approach (estimation, adaptation, delay).

Ofqual’s announcement

Ofqual’s decisions report on the consultation outcomes

Extraordinary regulatory framework: Vocational and Technical Qualifications, COVID-19 Guidance

Updated information to Heads of Centres

Updated guidance for teachers, students, parents and carers

Summer 2020 Qualification Explainer Tool

Ofqual has also launched today an interactive tool; Summer 2020 Qualification Explainer Tool.

This tool will allow users to search for a specific regulated qualification to find out how results will be generated for the majority of learners.

Users can enter the awarding organisation name, qualification level and qualification title.

The tool is dynamic so Ofqual may make changes once it’s live. If you find there are issues with the tool then please let us know and we will notify Ofqual.

This information and our approach will be explained further in our upcoming webinar on Thursday 28th May 2020.

Sign up for Awarding Qualifications in Summer 2020 – Next Steps webinar

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