Total Qualification Time is the measure of qualification size introduced by Ofqual as part of the move to the RQF. The aim is to ensure that awarding organisations to take a consistent approach to determining the level, and describing the size, of regulated qualifications.

How is the size of a Qualification determined?

The size of a qualification is no longer determined by the credit value, although qualifications can still be credit-based, but by assigning a number of hours of Total Qualification Time (TQT) and a number of hours of Guided Learning to a qualification. Total Qualification Time is comprised of the following two elements:

(a) the number of hours assigned for Guided Learning, and;

(b) an estimate of the number of hours a Learner will reasonably be likely to spend in preparation, study or any other form of participation in education or training, including assessment, which takes place as directed by – but, unlike Guided Learning, not under the Immediate Guidance or Supervision of – a lecturer, supervisor, tutor or other appropriate provider of education or training.

Where a qualification contains a choice of optional routes which currently have differing numbers of hours for Guided Learning, i.e. minimum and maximum hours, the lowest number of those hours will be assigned to the qualification.

How does this affect the qualifications I run?

In order to determine TQT for existing qualifications we are required to gather actual/estimates from Centres who offer or intend to offer the qualifications.  We do not expect the TQT or Guided Learning to differ from what was specified originally but we need evidence from you to support the review.

How I can I help provide evidence for TQT?

Gateway Qualifications is undertaking a size review of qualifications regulated prior to October 2015 to ensure that our qualifications meet regulatory criteria which require awarding organisations to describe the size of qualifications using two measures – ‘Total Qualification Time’ and ‘Guided Learning’.

The review has already been completed for some of our smaller qualifications and we are now rolling out the full programme which will be completed by October 2017.

We are contacting Centres’ Quality Assurance Contacts requesting input relating to the size of qualifications that each centre is approved to offer.  This may mean that we will be contacting you at different times for different qualifications as our review progresses.

You will be asked to complete a short online survey about the qualifications and we would be very grateful if you could provide us with this information in order that we can complete the review and satisfy regulatory requirements.