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There were several elements you asked for when we requested your help with our new website.

With the reoccurring theme being “good search function, simple layout”, we took your constructive comments on board and are pleased to be able to offer you exactly what you were looking for.

Take a look below at what you asked for and how we’ve incorporated it into the new website:

You asked for: More prominent qualification specifications
We did it: We’ve added a clear option to download a qualification specification on each qualification page. We’ve also added an option to email the specification to a colleague

You asked for: Unit details to be added to the website
We did it: Unit details have been added, including learning outcomes and assessment criteria to each qualification. We’ve also provided a specific unit search!

You asked for: “Search is very important, the first thing I go to on a website”
We did it: Our search bar is now more prominent on the homepage, while also being accessible on every page. The search results are conveniently broken down into different tabs – Qualifications, Units, Apprenticeships and Everything Else – to help you pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for

You asked for: You requested for qualifications to be grouped so they are easier to find
We did it: We’ve simplified our navigations, allowing you to find qualification by type or by sector

You asked for: “Pricing could be included in the qualification information to save having to go to another area to locate it”
We did it: We have added the price to each qualifications page

You asked for: Each qualification should have clear and detailed information regarding funding details, where appropriate
We did it: We have added funding information to each qualification page

You asked for: “If you want to have a look at the unit criteria, you have to login; that’s a little annoying to be honest”
We did it: We’ve brought all our unit information onto the website and made it available to everyone without the login needed

You asked for: Support materials, such as sample assessments, workbooks and general guidance, are either lacking, hard to find or non-existent
We did it: We’ve added support materials to each qualification where they are available, and also brought support materials together in a dedicated new section

The clear layout of the new website is straightforward but you can find a handy “how to use our website” guide by clicking here.