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This qualification is being withdrawn
The operational end date (last date for new starts) of this qualification is 31/07/2021 and the certification end date is 30/09/2021.

Key Facts

Level 5
Subject Sector:
15.3 Business Management
Qualification No:
45 hours
Total qualification time:
130 hours
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Age Range:

Qualification purpose

Updating and continuing professional development (CPD)

Qualification Grading Type


Assessment Methods

  • Portfolio of Evidence

  • Why choose this qualification?

    The purpose of the Level 5 Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation Projects is to provide continuous professional development in the field of project management.

    This qualification focuses on evaluation and monitoring and the knowledge and skills needed to plan, carry out and evaluate monitoring and evaluation projects.

    The Level 5 Certificate can support progression to (senior) management roles or support individuals to fulfil their existing job role with a greater degree of competence. It also provides direct progression to the Level 6 Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation Projects. Successful candidates might also consider moving on to a masters degree in business.

    Rules of Combination

    Learners have to achieve the single mandatory unit.



    Learners must achieve the single mandatory unit.

    Monitoring and evaluation projects

    Level 5
    Guided Learning Hours:
    Unit No:
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    What is the purpose of this qualification?

    The primary aim of this qualification is to equip learners with the understanding and skills needed to run successful monitoring and evaluation projects.

    What skills, knowledge, or understanding does this qualification develop?

    UAll content mandatory - understanding and skills specifically related to setting up, managing and reviewing monitoring and evaluation projects in a business context.

    How is this qualification different from other, similar qualifications?

    This qualification is suitable for people who have a sound understanding of project management in general and want to focus specifically on monitoring and evaluation.

    Which sector does this qualification support?


    Which job roles does this qualification support?

    Increased competence in job role for people already in employment and potentially supporting career progression along a managerial route.

    What are the progression options?

    Learners could extend their learning about monitoring and evaluation by taking the Gateway Qualifications Level 6 Certificates in Monitoring and Evaluation Projects.

    What are the higher education progression options?


    What are the English and maths progression options?


    What barriers will this qualification help the leaner overcome?


    How will this qualification support the learner’s independence?


    How does this qualification support the learner to re-engage with learning?


    Progression & entry requirements

    No formal entry requirements but learners will normally be in a management role or have management responsibilities, and have a sound understanding of project management.

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