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Level 2
Unit No:
Guided learning hours:
22 hours

Assessment Guidance

None specified.

Unit Learning Outcomes


Know the employment rights and responsibilities of an employee and the employer.

Assessment Criteria

  • 1.1

    State the key requirements in a contract of employment in retail business.

  • 1.2

    State which organisations are able to help individuals in the cases of violation of employee rights.

  • 1.3

    State the key areas covered by ‘equality’ legislation.

  • 1.4

    State the purpose of laws that promote equality within the workplace.

  • 1.5

    Define diversity in relation to promoting equality and diversity within the workplace.


Understand the importance and characteristics of effective team work in retail business.

Assessment Criteria

  • 2.1

    Explain what is meant by ‘team work’ in retail business.

  • 2.2

    Describe the benefits that team work can bring to team members and to retail business as a whole.

  • 2.3

    Describe the general qualities and abilities required to be an effective member of a team in retail business.


Understand the impact of effective communication skills when working in a retail team.

Assessment Criteria

  • 3.1

    Describe the relevance and importance of communication skills in clarifying and resolving misunderstandings.

  • 3.2

    Describe effective methods of communication used within teams.

  • 3.3

    Describe how poor communication skills can affect a team’s performance.


Understand how the roles and responsibilities of retail teams relate to the structure and function of organisations.

Assessment Criteria

  • 4.1

    Describe broad functional teams in retail and identify the different job roles and career pathways within these.

  • 4.2

    Describe the relationships between different job roles within functional teams and identify the lines of accountability in retail business.


Understand how to improve personal performance.

Assessment Criteria

  • 5.1

    Explain the benefit to individual employees and the retail business as a whole of a personal development plan.

  • 5.2

    Describe the range of methods available to identify own learning needs.

  • 5.3

    Explain the main learning styles and state which learning methods and activities suit each style.

  • 5.4

    Identify potential learning resources available for improving own performance.


Understand how personal performance contributes to business success.

Assessment Criteria

  • 6.1

    Explain how work objectives are agreed and state the benefits they can bring to the individual and the retail business.

  • 6.2

    Explain how a team’s goals impact on the roles and responsibilities of individual team members.

  • 6.3

    Describe the benefits to the retail business of identifying more effective ways of working.

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