With a history of working in partnership with our centres, we are now using our experience and expertise to support Trailblazer groups looking to develop high quality Standards for their sector.

Our areas of expertise are:

  • assessment
  • grading
  • qualification development
  • standardisation models
  • delivery models
  • quality assurance models.

How can we support your Trailblazer?

Our service is flexible and responsive allowing us to offer bespoke Trailblazer packages that fit with the specific needs of your sector while ensuring quality. Whether you require an end-to-end solution, or simply the guidance of an established Awarding Organisation, Gateway Qualifications is here to help.

We can help!

We will work with you in a flexible way. This approach aims to provide you with the benefit of our experience. If required, we’re on hand to assist with your initial consultation period to help your Trailblazer get up and running and in the right direction.

Developing Standards

Standard writing is our thing and we’d love to help create your Standards, if this is the kind of support you’re looking for. We can  proofread, edit or even work with you to write them – it’s up to you.

Qualification Development

We are experts at designing innovative qualifications that respond to employer needs. Although not a mandatory part of the Trailblazer Apprenticeship, we can develop bespoke qualifications to enhance the quality of your Standards. Alternatively, we can look at existing  qualifications and review them with you to make them fit for purpose, if you are confident that what is currently available could be refined to bring the qualifications up to date.

Developing Assessment Plans

Our expert team can work with you to develop a rigorous assessment process which meets the following principles:

  • assesses what it is meant to assess
  • allows fair assessment relevant to the occupation(s) it is assessing
  • enables consistent assessment across the country, so demonstrating an equal opportunity and access to demonstration of competence.

Helping with Standardisation

Standardisation is a key requirement and a significant
challenge for any Trailblazer. We’ve over 25 years’ experience
administering external standardisation and advising on internal standardisation. Let us use our expertise to help you with this challenge.

Devising Training Plans

We can work with your Trailblazer group to develop training plans to support the successful application of your Standards. We’ll help you to make sure that these training plans:

  • communicate the new standards to all employers in the industry sector
  • support the training providers to develop their curriculum to meet the standards
  • include a range of realistic tools for assessment
  • ensure professional bodies and the Standards are aligned and delivery meets both sets of requirements
  • support the delivery of Apprenticeships to meet the Standards in the most cost effective way for employers.

What next?

Get in touch to find out what Gateway Qualifications can do for your Trailblazer.