When you choose End-point Assessment from Gateway Qualifications you will have access to our standard-specific EPA Support Packs.

These support packs are aimed at apprentices, employers, and providers and provide them with the tools to support the apprentice’s readiness for EPA. We encourage access, interaction, and use of a wide range of materials as early as possible into the apprentice’s journey.

Within the EPA Support Packs, you will find:

  • EPA Standard Specification – a comprehensive guidance document that details all aspects of EPA delivery.
  • Videos – for you to share with apprentices to help them prepare for the EPA Planning Meeting and each assessment component.
  • Digital templates – for providers and employers, including EPA Gateway Meeting Record, Portfolio Mapping Document, checklists and more.
  • Mock Assessment Records and guidance materials – assessment-specific documents to allow preparation for EPA.
  • EPA Journeys – infographics for employers, providers and apprentices, with hints and tips for each stage of the EPA.

    Graphic showing the apprentice's journey through End-point Assessment.

    End-point Assessment, the apprentice’s journey.

Employer Journey – End-Point Assessment – Gateway Qualifications

Provider Journey – End-Point Assessment – Gateway Qualifications

Apprentice Journey – End-Point Assessment – Gateway Qualifications