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Gateway Qualifications continues to work closely with its regulators (Ofqual, QAA, Qualifications Wales) to ensure delivery and assessment can continue to take place during the 2020-21 academic year.

We are also following Public Health England guidance to protect our staff, EQAs and Moderators during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

We will continue to add to this page to provide updates to our response and any actions Centres should take as the situation develops. All of our latest guidance for Centres on delivering and awarding in 2020-21 can be found on our dedicated Supporting Centres in 2020-2021 webpage.

Page Last Updated: 19th March 2021

Regulators’ web pages

QAA for Access to HE Diplomas – https://www.accesstohe.ac.uk/

Ofqual for RQF qualifications – https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/ofqual

Delivering, Assessing and Awarding learners during the academic year 2020-21

Our latest guidance on the new Vocational Contingency Regulatory Framework (VCRF), its predecessor, the Extended ERF, and the adaptations centres may wish to consider are on our dedicated Supporting Centres in 2020-2021 webpage.

Supporting Centres in 2020-2021 – dedicated webpage

Flexible delivery and assessment methods are a feature of most of our qualifications, meaning that many of the challenges Centres are facing can already be overcome within the requirements for our qualifications. Please do ensure that when adapting your delivery models you are still able to meet the requirements set out in the Centre Handbook and relevant Qualification Specifications.

In order to make awarding your learners as straight forward as possible in the event of any disruption to learning or assessment this year you might also want to consider;

  • Registering learners as early as possible to ensure they are recorded on our systems.
  • Selecting units as soon as you know what you will be delivering. This will allow us to plan more effectively and offer more targeted support in the event that courses cannot be completed in the usual way. Please follow our usual guidance when doing this: Registering Learners – Selecting Units at Registration and Registering Learners – Selecting Units at a Later Date.
  • Claim regularly for completed qualifications or partial achievement of larger qualifications. There is no limit to the number of times you can claim, and you will not be charged any more for doing so. By “banking” achievement throughout the year, you will ease the evidence burden in the event that learning is disrupted later in the course.

Supporting Centres in 2020-2021 – dedicated webpage

External Quality Assurance, Moderation and Remote Sampling

The requirements for remote sampling and any visits are the same as we would require when an EQA visits a Centre.

We are continuing with external quality assurance and moderation activity and have put in place a system to undertake this activity remotely. We have prepared this guide to help you prepare for remote sampling and visits.

Getting Ready for Remote Sampling and Meetings – Centre Guidance

Contacting Us

Please continue to contact us in the usual manner, all staff have access to email and we recently introduced a new phone system which enables all staff to have full access to our telephone system when away from the office so all calls to our office numbers will be answered.

If you know which member of staff you need to speak to you may find it quicker to contact them on their direct dial number. Contact numbers and emails for each department can be found on our meet the team pages.

Details about how awarding took place during the summer of 2020 are still available on our dedicated webpage for reference only, please note that a different process is in place for the 2020-21 academic year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I delay or rebook an assessment?

Yes – If an externally set assessment needs to be rebooked (e.g. ESOL assessments or Online multiple-choice assessments) you should follow our normal process for cancelling or rebooking an external assessment. There is no charge for cancelling or rebooking.

Can I conduct an assessment via video conference?

If the assessment is a presentation, discussion, Q&A or similar, then yes, a video conference can be used to carry the assessment out. Please ensure that you are able to verify the learner’s identity and meet the assessment and quality assurance requirements and controls.

For externally set assessments, please refer to the adaptation guidance relevant to the qualification:

This answer includes all qualifications including Access to HE.

Awarding and Certification
Are you still certificating?

We will continue to process results as normal and have enabled eCertificates for all Centres. We are not currently printing certificates so please follow the guidance on how to produce eCertificates if you require a certificate urgently. Once we are able to resume certificate printing, we will provide printed certificates for Centres that require them.

Is an eCertifcate the same as a printed certificate?

Yes, an eCertificate has the same authenticity and validity as a paper certificate. Each eCertificate has a QR code which can be scanned using a smart device to confirm its authenticity on the AuthentiQual platform. Alternatively, you may use our free Certificate Authentication service to confirm the authenticity of any paper or eCertifcate issued by Gateway Qualifications.

Can I claim for the work learners have completed so far?

Yes you can. We will issue you an eCertificate for any achievements. You can still claim again if the learners are able to complete additional units.

Can I get a replacement certificate?

Currently, we are not providing paper versions of replacement certificates, however, we continue to operate our replacement certificates with e-certificates which can be printed should you require a hardcopy. Please complete the appropriate form (link to the replacement certificate form(s)

Should I still register my learners at this time?

Yes, if learning has commenced whether in the classroom or at home, registration must continue as normal in accordance with our usual registration timelines.

I need to change my delivery or assessment method, what should I do?

Adaptations to assessment may be made where normal practices are no longer possible, for example, in-person observation of practical activities. Part or all of a unit’s assessment approach may be adapted. The form(s) of adaptation chosen should be appropriate to the learning outcomes and assessment criteria. Adaptations may be made to one or more element(s) of the assessment tasks, the method and form of evidence, the assessment location and the conditions.

This answer includes all qualifications including Access to HE.

Can I use a unit from a different qualification to replace a unit I can no longer teach?

Unfortunately, despite the circumstances, we are not able to revise qualification structures.  However, we are able to support the centre in advising on alternative delivery approaches or selecting alternative units in order that learners can complete the qualification.  If you are unable to deliver a unit remotely, due to its practical nature you may choose an alternative unit from the qualification provided the rules of combination can still be met.

This answer includes all qualifications including Access to HE.

Learners are unable to complete what do I do?

It is recommended to refer to our Supporting Centres 2020-21 website page along with our Adaptations Guidance and the Centre guidance for Teacher Assessed Grades 2020-21.

Do you have any resources I can use to support learning from home?

Yes, we have a list of suggested resources to support your delivery which you may find helpful if you are required to set additional work for learners to complete independently or remotely. If you have any other resources you would like to share, please email qualdev@gatewayqualifications.org.uk

I am having to postpone my course do I need to extend my cohort end date on Quartz?

This won’t be necessary as claims can be made even after the end date of the course, this allows the flexibility required to meet various learner requirements.

It is recommended that selecting units is completed prior to submitting your claims, therefore if the end date of the cohort has passed, please contact our Customer Excellence Team on registrations@gatewayqualifications.org.uk.

Please note, with effect from 1st August the selecting of units at registration will be mandatory.

Is the office still open?

We are continuing with home working for all staff. Staff are contactable through the usual routes and we have been able to provide the high levels of service you expect from us.

Our phone system enables all staff to have full access to our telephone system when away from the office so all calls to our office numbers will be answered. If you know which member of staff you need to speak to you may find it quicker to contact them on their direct dial number. These numbers can be found on our meet the team pages and in our email signatures.

Face to Face meetings are still taking place with customers through the use of a number of different video conference and virtual meeting solutions and we are happy to arrange this when required.

Can I post completed assessments or portfolios to you?

We have introduced electronic submission and remote sampling for all qualifications.

Please avoid sending any learner work by post whilst the office remains closed. Please store any originals securely in line with the guidance provided in the Centre Handbook.