An updated version of the Qualification Specification for Essential Digital Skills has been published. Please download the updated version and delete or destroy any previous copies.

Download the updated qualification specification here

Adaptations made permanent

Following monitoring of the use of the adaptations permitted during the pandemic and feedback from centres, we have updated our Essential Digital Skills Qualification Specifications to make some of those adaptations permanent.

  • The observed tasks may be taken at any time when the learner is ready – making permanent the adaptation which removed the 14-day period for observed tasks.
  • Resits may be taken as soon as learners are ready, although Centres are advised to ensure that learners undertake sufficient further learning and/or have additional time to practice before any resit – making permanent the adaptation which removed the requirement for resits to take place a minimum of 10 days after the original assessment.

Other changes to the qualification specification

The revised qualification specification also updates the Access Arrangements, Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations section to clarify the process. The table with what is considered a permitted adjustment has been removed.

Additional reference to the Instructions for the conduct of EDSQ assessments document has been added. These instructions are available in Prism for approved Centres.

Remote assessments no longer permitted

As the delivery and assessment of qualifications return to the usual pre-pandemic approaches, the adaptation made to allow remote assessment of EDSQ will no longer be permitted.

We will also be withdrawing our Centre guidance for adaptations to delivery and assessment of Essential Digital Skills Qualifications and removing it from our website. All delivery should now follow the guidance set out in the revised qualification specification.

Download the updated qualification specification here