We have made changes to the policies listed below.

Please familiarise yourself with these documents by visiting our policies webpage. Below we outline the specific changes within each document.

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Centre Recognition Policy

  • Minor modifications to include Centres’ responsibilities to maintain centre recognition once approved, and where centre recognition is removed.

Centre Recognition Withdrawal Policy and Procedure

  • Minor modification to give clarity regarding notice periods and circumstances whereby centre recognition can be terminated with immediate effect.

Conflicts of Interest Policy and Procedure

  • Minor modifications including updating of Gateway Qualifications’ job roles and contact details.
  • The conflicts of interest form has also been updated.

Endorsement of Third Party Resources Policy and Procedure Version

  • Updated to include a statement that Gateway Qualifications will not mandate the use of the resource or imply that is necessary for the successful completion of an assessment or qualification.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

  • Modifications include change of focus from ‘equality’ to ‘equity’.

Malpractice and Maladministration Policy and Procedure

  • Modifications include additional examples of malpractice and presentation reformatting of these. Updating of Gateway Qualifications’ job roles and contact details.

Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations Policy

  • Minor modifications with clarifications as to the responsibilities for the review of special considerations.

Recognition of Prior Learning Policy & Process

  • Amednment to give clarification that RPL cannot be claimed for the award of a full qualification.

Sanctions Policy

  • Updating of Gateway Qualifications’ job roles and contact details.