During the pandemic, we adopted remote and home-based working to ensure that we could keep our staff as safe as possible whilst continuing to offer excellent customer service to our Centres.

We adapted well to working in this way and many Centres appreciated some of the new approaches such as the use of eCertifcates, the ability to submit samples online and the convenience of online meetings.

We have continued to invest in our staff and systems over the past two years and are now moving permanently to a hybrid model to enable our staff and customers to enjoy the best of both worlds.

In practice, you will not notice any difference in our levels of service. Most staff will work remotely the majority of the time with office space available for those who need it and for meetings and in-person collaborative working.

Centre visits, external quality assurance and moderation will also move permanently to a hybrid model, offering the option of online meetings and on-site visits as appropriate to the individual situation.

To support this new way of working, we made the short move to a new office on Tollgate Business Park in March 2022 and our new address is 6 Tollgate Business Park, Colchester, CO3 8AB.

All other contact details remain unchanged, and our IT and phone systems enable all staff to have full access both in the office and remotely, so all calls to our office numbers will be answered.