2020 has been a very different and a very difficult year, and amongst all of this, we have strived to maintain our usual high level of service at a critical and challenging time for our customers.

It’s gratifying to receive thanks and positive feedback and during National Customer Service Week we want to celebrate our staff who have gone above and beyond and adapted so quickly and positively to new ways of working.

These are just a few of the many compliments we have received:

Many thanks for your support. You have been brilliant during this challenging period. Very clear guidance and support provided by you and your team through webinars are much appreciated.

Large FE college

We ensured our dedicated Awarding Learners in Summer 2020 website page was up to date with the latest information from Government and our regulators, and our dedicated email address was created so any queries about Awarding could be answered efficiently.

Thank you for the overarching support during the ERF Awarding period. We consider you the most helpful and organised of all the Awarding Organisations that we work with, and are extremely pleased that we use you for ESOL.

Large FE college

We quickly adapted to a new way of working, and clearly updated centres so they could complete tasks within their organisation.

You are all so fabulous and you are doing brilliantly to keep running as you have been. I had to do my first certificate claims the other day; the eCerts are a godsend. You are the easiest Awarding Body to work with under current circumstances. You should all be very proud of yourselves

Centre feedback following personalised support

We held a range of Awarding 2020 webinars to give centres the opportunity to ask us questions about ERF

Thank you for the updates, appreciate this is a difficult and confusing time for you as well as for us, so really appreciate you all for giving us the information and support.

feedback following our Awarding in Summer 2020 webinar

And ensured we separated webinar topics from vocational and technical qualifications, Access to HE, and offender learning for the greatest clarity:

I really want to thank you for all of your advice and support this year; you have been amazing! We really appreciate everything you have done to assist us.

Access to HE centre

Following such a unique year for the organisation, Carol Snape, CEO, said:

“We are a close team at Gateway Qualifications, and everyone has really been on board with helping each other to help our centres during these unprecedented times. I am extremely proud of everyone. Thank you to our centres for their kind words, we are grateful and will continue to offer you the same high level of support from the start of the academic year and beyond.”