Level 2
Unit No:
Guided learning hours:
16 hours

Assessment Guidance

The main focus of the assessment for this unit is on the skills required for job search. However, it is expected that the underpinning teaching and learning will help develop learners’ knowledge and understanding of

• on and off-line sources of job vacancy information, including social media; apps; trade publications; jobs sites or boards for specific sectors or job roles
• ways to use online sites and apps, such as setting up alerts and using specific filters
• the importance of taking an active role in job-search, e.g. through dropping CVs into stores; sending unsolicited expressions of interest, leveraging networks and contacts, creating a positive online profile or following potential employers on social media.


To enable learners to find out about potential job vacancies and to take the initiative in their job search.

Unit Learning Outcomes


Be able to find out about job vacancies.

Assessment Criteria

  • 1.1

    Identify job information sources most likely to be relevant to own search.

  • 1.2

    Use different sources to find out about jobs available, including online job sites or job boards. 

  • 1.3

    Filter job vacancy information to identify jobs most suited to own interests, aspirations, skills, qualifications and/or experience. 

  • 1.4

    Use appropriate methods to ensure access to latest information on job availability.


Be able to take a pro-active approach to job-searching.

Assessment Criteria

  • 2.1

    Explain the different means by which an individual can alert potential employers to the fact that they are job-seeking.

  • 2.2

    Select and use an appropriate social media platform for job prospecting by

    • creating a suitable profile
    • networking on-line with potential employers and other appropriate parties to facilitate job search
    • preparing a hyperlinked CV.
  • 2.3

    Review own online presence to ensure appropriate visibility to potential employers.