This unit is expiring
The expiry date of this unit is 31/07/2026.


Access to HE
Level 3
Unit No:
Guided learning hours:
Not available

Qualification Grading Type


Grade Descriptors

  • GD1-Understanding the subject
  • GD2-Application of knowledge
  • GD3-Application of skills
  • GD5-Communication and presentation
  • GD7-Quality

Unit Learning Outcomes


Understand the purpose of concept art, the types of digital graphic images and graphical file formats for computer games

Assessment Criteria

  • 1.1

    Explain the purpose of concept art for computer games.

  • 1.2

    Describe drawing styles and drawing media used for concept art.

  • 1.3

    Explain vector and bitmap graphics and their use within computer games.

  • 1.4

    Explain how different types of graphical images relate to file formats.

  • 1.5

    Discuss the impact that file formats, compression techniques, image resolution and colour depth have on file size and image quality.


Know how to draw concept art for computer games

Assessment Criteria

  • 2.1

    Research ideas to meet a client brief.

  • 2.2

    Draw preliminary designs for a client brief using an appropriate drawing technique and style

  • 2.3

    Apply shading and colour to the preliminary designs for a client brief.


Be able to digitise concept art for computer game graphics

Assessment Criteria

  • 3.1

    Create digitised versions of concept art using appropriate technologies.

  • 3.2

    Develop digital variance of concept art using tools and techniques of industry standard software.

     Includes both bitmap and vector.

  • 3.3

    Export finalised digital graphics that are fit for purpose for computer games


Be able to evaluate and modify computer game graphics 

Assessment Criteria

  • 4.1

    Present digital graphics to a defined audience

  • 4.2

    Modify digital graphics as a result of peer/client feedback

  • 4.3

    Explain the potential legal implications of using, creating and editing digital graphics.