Level 2
Unit No:
Guided learning hours:
24 hours

Assessment Guidance

Portfolio of Evidence.

Unit Learning Outcomes


Know about the process of multi-track recording and mixing.

Assessment Criteria

  • 1.1
    Describe the layout of a mixing desk.
  • 1.2
    Describe the signal flow path through an audio mixer from the recording device to the mixer’s output.
  • 1.3
    Explain the stages involved in recording and overdubbing multi-track sound.


Be able to prepare for recording operations.

Assessment Criteria

  • 2.1
    Prepare a multi-track recording device and a mixing desk for use.
  • 2.2
    Prepare recording media.
  • 2.3
    Set up monitoring.
  • 2.4
    Set up and connect microphones.
  • 2.5
    Label and log recording media using agreed conventions.
  • 2.6
    Identify and correct simple faults in the recording system.
  • 2.7
    Observe appropriate Health and Safety procedures at all times during multi-track recording activity.


Be able to use a multi-track audio mixer and recording device/software.

Assessment Criteria

  • 3.1
    Use mixing desk channels and groups to route audio signals to and from an audio recording device.
  • 3.2
    Set and adjust recording levels to optimise gain without introducing distortion.
  • 3.3
    Use EQ to enhance the sound quality of audio sources.
  • 3.4
    Route audio signals to audio recording device or software.
  • 3.5
    Set recording levels to optimise audio quality without introducing distortion.
  • 3.6
    Record multiple audio sources sequentially to separate tracks of the recording device or software.
  • 3.7
    Assess the sound quality of recordings against production requirements, explaining what went well and suggesting areas for improvement.