With the increasing devolution of funding, and varied local skills and employment needs, ensuring the content of your training courses meets local needs, and those of your learners, can be challenging.

At Gateway Qualifications, we don’t prescribe fixed approaches and build flexibility into our product offer wherever possible. This page explains the main three ways we can support you in building a flexible offer that meets your needs:

Tailored use of an existing qualification
Unit-only programmes
Bespoke qualification development

Each of these approaches is useful for:

  • Supporting Local Initiatives and flexibilities – meeting local skills shortages, especially for those who have gained Strategic Development Funding from the government
  • Staff training, CPD or induction
  • Community and Family Learning
  • Offering additionality to Study Programmes, Traineeships, and Supported Internships
  • Promoting diversity and inclusion principles

Read more about each approach below, or contact us to discuss the best approach for your individual needs.

Tailored use of an existing qualification

The quickest and simplest solution. Many of our qualifications are designed with a wide variety of optional units allowing you to tailor the qualification to meet a variety of different learner needs.

Flexible unit combinations can be made on qualifications across of range of levels from Entry Level to Level 3 and from short-sharp Awards through to longer, more in-depth Certificates and Diplomas.

Good for:

  • When a publicly-funded qualification is required
  • Getting up and running quickly using approved structures, learning aims and assessment criteria

For expert assistance in picking units that meet your needs, please speak to our Business Development Team who will work with you to help create your ideal combination.

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Unit-only programmes

Where qualification achievement isn’t required or you want to mix and match units from different qualifications, you can create a bespoke unit-only programme.

You will still benefit from using high-quality, up-to-date units from regulated qualifications, but without the need to meet specific rules of combination.

You can name the unit-only programme with a title appropriate to your situation (subject to some naming restrictions) and include units from our wide range of publicly available qualifications.

Good for:

  • Picking off-the-shelf units with learning outcomes and assessment criteria
  • Situations where no qualification contains the required mix of units
  • Having the assurance of a regulated unit

For expert assistance in creating a unit-only programme that meets your needs, please speak to our Business Development Team.

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Bespoke qualification development

Get the ultimate tailored offer to enhance and develop your training courses with a custom-made, regulated qualification designed specifically to fulfil your requirements.

With Ofsted now looking at how effectively a provider’s curriculum maps to local and regional needs, it is vital you have bespoke tools and incentives to help employers engage with you. Sometimes, existing qualifications may not fit a specific employer’s situation and finding an Ofqual regulated qualification to deliver what employers need while offering a unique experience for them can be tricky.

Working in partnership with providers and employers, Gateway Qualifications can develop a custom-made, regulated qualification that fulfils the needs of large employers to help upskill learners ready for work.

Good for:

  • meeting the needs of large employers; helping upskill learners, ready for work and embedded into the employer’s culture
  • mapping to local and regional skills needs
  • when no public funding is required

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