Peterborough Regional College was looking for a positive change that would raise grades, engagement and introduce an exam element to music qualifications. This resulted in switching Awarding Organisations and working with Gateway Qualifications.

Since switching, the college has noticed a freedom in its delivery and welcomes the “fun, flexible units” that have been incorporated into the syllabus, as Curriculum Lead Steve Simmonds describes.

The change was a shock at first! We were so used to being restricted by rules on exactly what and how to deliver. The flexibility of Gateway Qualifications and its units has been backed by the teachers and I've received some really positive feedback - learners are really engaged and creating good standards of work.

Steve Simmonds, Curriculum Leader Music and Performing Arts, Peterborough Regional College

The college was originally offering BTECs which were felt to be too theory-based. By offering a qualification that incorporated practical learning, an element which is ideal in a hands-on qualification such as music, learners are able to develop their skills further.

The qualifications are really practically based. The learners are developing music technology skills - such as recording sound effects and clipping - along with their own independent skills. I'm really happy with the content of the units and looking forward to creating the curriculum for next year.

Steve Simmonds, Curriculum Leader Music and Performing Arts, Peterborough Regional College

Peterborough Regional College was also complimentary about the services provided by Gateway Qualifications; from the online portal, Prism, that helps confirm that the units studied result in fully achieved qualifications, to the one-to-one contact and personalised visits.

There were no visits with BTEC courses, everything was postal. Gateway Qualifications' visits are always personal and helpful; visits from others have you feeling like they are trying to catch you out but we are always happy when Gateway Qualifications drop by. They're always happy to answer our questions.