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Paul Saunders

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AEB Funding Update 2018-2019

Following the recent update of the Adult Education Budget (AEB) funding rules, watch our free webinar for a detailed look at the key changes and discover the ways you can fully utilise this funding option to benefit your learners.

Join Director of Business Management, Paul Saunders, as he uses his years of experience working with education funding to pass on tips for curriculum planning.

Whether you have used AEB funding before or are looking to apply, this webinar will reinforce your knowledge and give you invaluable advice, including how to use the Hub.

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Adult Education Budget May 2018 – Webinar Slides (pdf)

AEB Webinar Useful Links (pdf)

The links referred to in the webinar are available in a handy document above and are included below:

AEB funding rules

Adult education budget: funding rates and formula 2018 to 2019

The Hub

Legal entitlements

Learner Loans

Ofqual Register of Qualifications

Learning and Work Institute RARPA resources

Excellence Gateway RARPA resources

List of declared subcontractors