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Good Things Foundation, Manchester Adult Education, New City College Group

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Fixing the Digital Divide: How the sector can help to bridge the gap in a fragmented digital society

Colleagues from across the sector explore the latest research on the UK’s digital divide and discuss the part the sector can play in improving the availability of community support, digital skills and affordable internet.

We explore the latest findings from the Good Things Foundation’s Digital Nation research, hear how our panel meet the challenges head-on and discuss how we can all play our parts in fixing the digital divide.

Our panel includes Helen Milner, Group Chief Executive of Good Things Foundation, Emma Langlois, Curriculum Manager at Manchester Adult Education, and Andy Greaves, Deputy Group Curriculum Director Creative & Digital at New City College Group.

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Fixing the digital divide – Presentation slides

Digital Nation UK 2021 – Infographic – Good Things Foundation

Blueprint to fix the digital divide – Good Things Foundation