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1 hour
Diana Muallem and Paul Saunders

"All your webinars are very informative, thank you!"

Sheila Crow, Tutor Co-Ordinator, Hartlepool Jobs & Skills

Essential Guide to EDSQ

Join us in discovering the hints and tips for successfully delivering our EDSQ.

Gain valuable insight from the leading Awarding Organisation on the tools used to teach EDSQ and how we support centres embed EDSQ in various programmes of learning.

Discover more about EDSQ on our dedicated page.

Essential Digital Skills Qualifications

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In this session:

• Discover how accessible EDSQ is for learners
• Learn valuable hints and tips for successful delivery
• See how we support Centres to embed EDSQ into their curriculum
• Be introduced to assessment methods covering all skill areas.

Really enjoyed the webinar, it was informative, and I especially like the link to how EDS can be combined and embedded - very useful!

Mark Pearson, Head of Quality Futures Group

"I've attended a few webinars now and I am very impressed. Straightforward presentation conveying useful information. Followed up with PP via email, which is a useful reference tool." 

Valerie Smith, Tutor, The Manchester College