In response to customer feedback, from February 2024 we will begin rolling out MyQuartz to replace Quartzweb and introduce changes to improve the experience of learner and Centre management.

So that you are able to benefit from these improvements as soon as possible, they will be added to MyQuartz in a series of upgrades over the coming months.

More details about each upgrade and guidance on any changes to procedures will be provided in MyQuartz for system users.

We will also reflect these changes in the guidance in the administration support hub on our website.

You said “If you are just registering an additional student, I would love to see a function where you can add the student to a group manually.”

This will be delivered in the improvements planned for release in February 2024:

  • Improved self-service options for learner management, including the ability to make minor corrections to learner details.
  • Adding the ability to add a learner to an existing cohort directly in MyQuartz without the need to upload a new RAC.
  • Beginning to add the ability to manage contact details for key roles – starting with the Data Protection Officer and Senior Designated Contact with more roles to follow.
  • Adding notifications to help alert you when key activities are needed – these will begin with notifications for when results need to be entered, and we will add more notification options over time.
  • Enabling self-management of permissible reasonable adjustments so that you can add reasonable adjustments after registration and add multiple reasonable adjustments if required.