We have updated the Assessment Marking section of the Centre Handbook with information on submitting level 2 reading and writing ESOL assessments electronically.

Submitting assessments electronically

When submitting level 2 ESOL Skills for Life reading and writing assessments electronically to Gateway Qualifications for marking, centres must:

  • submit completed assessments and accompanying attendance registers and seating plans on the same day of the assessment wherever possible
  • ensure that any assessments that cannot be submitted on the scheduled day of the assessment are submitted no later than the next working day
  • retain completed assessments in secure storage if submitted electronically
  • upload assessments via the secure upload link provided by Gateway Qualifications
  • ensure that every completed assessment has been included
  • ensure that all assessments for a component are submitted as separate PDFs and clearly labelled with the learner ID as the file name
  • submit the relevant attendance registers and seating plans with the assessments (in the same order as listed on the attendance register) as separate PDFs and clearly labelled with the filename ‘seating plan – assessment date’ or ‘attendance register – assessment date’.

If you have not been provided with an upload link to submit ESOL assessments, contact the quality team by email: quality@gatewayqualifications.org.uk

Centres must not:

  • submit assessments by email
  • upload anything other than the completed assessment, attendance register(s), and seating plans.

Please familiarise yourself with the updates and contact the quality team quality@gatewayqualifcations.org.uk should you have any queries.