Following a review of the Centre Agreement, we have made some amendments and listed them below.

Amendments to the Centre Agreement include:

  • that centres will no longer need to accept the Centre Agreement annually after this year. (removal of Clause 3.9)
  • an amendment regarding the variation of terms to be provided electronically (amendment to Clause 26.2)
  • clarification of satellite sites, venues and subcontractors:
    – New section 25
    – Removal of Assessment sites from the definitions and interpretation section
    – Clarification of a Satellite Site to mean part of the Recognised Centre
    – Addition of Venue as meaning a location at which the Recognised Centre delivers qualification and assessment but that is not part of the Centre
  • Qualification approval withdrawal
    – Provision to withdraw a Centre’s Recognition in full or part in relation to one or more qualifications (amendment to Clause 3.3; 11.1; 21.9; 24.1-24.3)
  • Data protection
    – Update to the legislation reference in respect of UK GDPR and Data Protection legislation (Clause 15.1 (a) and 15.4)
  • Further changes
    – Update to the organisation’s address
    – Update of Policies listed

Due to these updates, all Recognised Centres are required to accept the terms of conditions of our Centre Agreement. Please ensure that your Centre has assigned the appropriate member of staff as the Quality Assurance contact in Prism, so they can complete this task from 1st August 2022.

Providing you have the correct user permissions, you can amend and add contact details by clicking on the Users tab along the top of the Prism homepage. Please download the Centre Agreement and familiarise yourself with the changes before accepting them.