Following a review of the Gateway Qualifications Centre Agreement (a regulatory requirement), we have made some amendments which you need to be aware of and accept before the start of the new academic year.

The amendments to the Centre Agreement include:

  • Updated definition of the Regulator(s)
  • Review of data protection clauses, including provisions to reflect that Gateway Qualifications and Centres will share personal data beyond Learner Data and that the agreement captures the personal data that should be shared within a new Schedule Data Particulars.
  • Review of the confidentiality provisions in the Centre Agreement, with a new clause regarding sharing personal data with a Regulator.

Centre Agreement Terms and Conditions

The revised Centre Agreement will need to be accepted before 31st July 2024. Failure to complete this action could mean a delay in centre support and eventually lead to a removal of centre recognition.

In order to accept the Centre Agreement in a timely manner, please check that your Centre has assigned the appropriate member(s) of staff as the Head of Organisation, Head of Department or Quality Assurance contact in Prism.

We will be asking these staff members to accept the revised Centre Agreement from 1st June 2024, and by accepting the agreement, they are confirming that they have the authority to do so on behalf of the Senior Leadership Team. Please download the Centre Agreement and familiarise yourself with the changes before accepting them.

If these contact details are not correct, you can amend and add contact details by clicking on the Users tab at the top of the Prism homepage. Our Prism User Guide for Centres can also help; see pages 3-5.

Prism User Guide for Centres