Nothing stimulates the debate between the worlds of education and work so much as the subject of employability skills.

Recognising the importance of assets such as team working, communication skills and personal development, Gateway Qualifications seeks to embed these skills within vocational qualifications where possible, as well as providing these standalone qualifications. Following consultations with providers, our Employability Skills qualifications facilitate the embedding of units to make it easier to deliver holistic programmes of learning in different contexts, also we have added units to reflect employer requirements.

In addition, we have checked our set of units against wider employability skills, attitudes, and behaviours expected in T levels, looked at recent CBI findings on employability skills and talked to providers who are working closely with employers to develop pre-employment packages.

At Gateway Qualifications, we are keen for students to focus on skills rather than underpinning knowledge and our units reflect the skills that are deemed essential by employers.

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Discover how Cambridge Regional College use a project-based approach to help those with learning difficulties overcomethe struggle to secure work experience and gain job offers.

Helping LLDD learners gain work experience

Digital Skills for Work

We have a range of digital qualifications, that are designed to help providers meet the demand for digital skills.

Digital qualifications

For a year, I ran with the awarding organisation decided by my predecessor. I found it very prescriptive and it didn't give me flexibility to do project-based learning. I switched to Gateway Qualifications and now I have individual learners on individual timetables, all with a choice in what they're doing.
Alison Goold, Head of Supported Learning, Cambridge Regional College

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