As technology continues to play an ever-increasing role in our life and work, being digitally literate has become more important than ever. Our digital qualifications are designed to help providers meet learners’ needs across the full spectrum of digital literacy skills.

From developing the basic digital skills needed for everyday life and work to more advanced qualifications in coding and digital media, Gateway Qualifications offers a range of digital training qualifications to meet your needs.

Gateway Qualifications is the market leader for Essential Digital Skills Qualifications, and we are in the process of developing the new Digital Functional Skills Qualifications. These key qualifications are also supported by modern, up-to-date digital skills qualifications in areas such as Cybersecurity and are supported by free teaching and learning resources.

Developing these digital skills empowers individuals to use digital tools, understand online safety, and enhance communication and collaboration effectively, making them responsible digital citizens. 

Empowering learners through digital training 

To support people into jobs in the digital sector, we have a range of digital qualifications eligible for funding through the Level 3 free courses for jobs offer and our Level 5 Diploma in Web Application Development is designed to meet industry requirements and to take learners from complete beginners to job-ready within a single academic year.

Plus, We have created two handy infographics to help you see a clear progression route from our Entry Level 3 to advanced qualifications. The infographics highlight the qualifications suitable for funding for learners 16 – 19 and learners aged 19 and over.

Our digital guide illustrates some examples of the multiple pathways that can be created using a single qualification to meet varying employer, local, regional and national needs within the digital environment.

All digital qualifications available:

Reasons to work with us:

Deliver basic digital skills

Basic digital skills are vital in this digital world, from using digital devices like smartphones to digital technologies like internet banking and everything in between. What if your learners haven’t had the opportunity to explore and develop these skills though? Don’t worry! These qualifications can develop their confidence at every level from entry level to level 5.

Meet local employer demands

Gateway Qualifications has collaborated with Code Institute and an Industry Advisory Council, composed of leading technology firms including PayPal, Microsoft, and others, to devise the Level 5 Diploma in Web Application Development.

Eligible for National Skills Fund

A number of our digital skills qualifications at Level 3 have been added to the list of qualifications included in the National Skills Fund and are fully funded for any adult aged 24 and over who wants to achieve their first full level 3 qualification.

“Essential Digital Skills qualifications are a positive step forward in giving our residents the skills they need to access jobs. We wouldn’t have been able to offer them so quickly to our learners without the outstanding support we have received from Gateway Qualifications.”
- Westminster Adult Education Service

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