This unit is expiring
The expiry date of this unit is 31/07/2029.


Access to HE 2024
Level 3
Unit No:
Not available
Guided learning hours:
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Qualification Grading Type


Unit Learning Outcomes


Understand and apply the formal elements of visual language in a practical context.

Assessment Criteria

  • 1.1.

    Explain the formal elements of visual language using illustrated examples.

  • 1.2.

    Explore the use of formal elements in own work.


Be able to use colour theory and apply to own work.

Assessment Criteria

  • 2.1.

    Demonstrate how to mix, match and grade colours to explore basic rules of colour and colour interaction.

  • 2.2.

    Experiment with conventional and non-conventional colour combinations.

  • 2.3.

    Analyse and record the results of the colour experimentation.


Be able to explore a range of media to develop design ideas.

Assessment Criteria

  • 3.1.

    Experiment with a wide range of media to develop design ideas.

  • 3.2.

    Select and justify ideas for the creation of an appropriate outcome.


Be able to use visual studies techniques to create an appropriate outcome.

Assessment Criteria

  • 4.1.

    Develop a visually fluent body of work which shows the development of ideas to create an outcome.

  • 4.2.

    Work safely in the studio environment, with regard to all Health and Safety procedures, including the handling of equipment and hazardous materials.


Be able to display own work.

Assessment Criteria

  • 5.1.

    Select work for display, justifying choices.

  • 5.2.

    Plan how to safely display work, justifying approaches to be used.

  • 5.3.

    Display work in an appropriate format.


Be able to critically evaluate own work.

Assessment Criteria

  • 6.1.

    Reflect on own work, using feedback from others.

  • 6.2.

    Evaluate the process of creating an outcome.

  • 6.3.

    Recommend improvements to future practice of own work.