Level 2
Unit No:
Guided learning hours:
32 hours

Assessment Guidance

Portfolio of EvidenceIt is expected that learners will lead sessions or activities under the supervision of a responsible person.

Unit Learning Outcomes


Know the characteristics of effective leadership in sport or active leisure.

Learning Outcome 1: Indicative Content 

The skills, qualities and responsibilities of effective leaders in sport or active leisure include:

  • role model
  • motivator
  • planner
  • instructor
  • mentor
  • facilitator
  • demonstrator
  • adviser
  • supporter
  • fact finder
  • counsellor
  • organiser.

Assessment Criteria

  • 1.1
    Describe the skills, qualities and responsibilities of effective leaders in sport or active leisure.


Be able to plan a sport or active leisure activity or session.

Learning Outcome 2: Indicative Content

The plan should include:

  • age, including the differences between adults and children, gender, level of ability and stage of participant development, experience, fitness levels, health issues/medical conditions/disability (e.g. asthma, sight impairment), aims and objectives of the participants (e.g. to develop specific skills or roles), goals for the session, ensuring that they meet the needs of individual participants and the group.
  • sport/activity session plans follow accepted good practice for the sport or activity and should be consistent with own level of technical knowledge and competence
  • sports/activities and styles will motivate the participants and achieve planned goals
  • realistic timings, sequences, intensity and duration of activity
  • a balance of instruction, activity and discussion
  • resources required for each session
  • plan for differentiation (e.g. know how activities can be adapted to both increase and decrease the level of challenge)
  • mental capabilities and key methods for improving participants performance (connection, confidence, concentration, motivation, emotional control, cohesion).

Assessment Criteria

  • 2.1
    Plan a sport or active leisure activity or session which
    a) identifies target participants
    b) identifies key elements of the activity or session
    c) includes equipment, resources or facilities needed
    d) takes into account health and safety conside


Be able to lead a sport or active leisure activity or session.

Learning Outcome 3: Indicative Content

The activities led should be:

  • clearly in line with the session goals
  • provide technically correct explanations and demonstrations appropriate to participants’ needs and level of experience
  • motivate participants appropriate to their needs and in line with accepted good practice
  • communicate effectively and clearly with all participants
  • ensure all participants have the opportunity to take a full and active part in planned activities
  • ensure all participants achieve and enjoy the session
  • deliver sessions at a pace appropriate to the participants’ needs
  • carry out emergency procedures when appropriate
  • review participants’ performance considering strengths, weaknesses, areas for improvement
  • use appropriate coaching styles and methods
  • provide feedback to participants during the session to help participants achieve their goals
  • adapt sessions to respond to the participants’ changing needs
  • provide opportunities for participants to reflect on their learning and apply their reflections to their performance
  • encourage participants to take responsibility for their own learning.

Assessment Criteria

  • 3.1
    Lead a sport or active leisure activity or session, in line with an agreed plan and so that participants are actively engaged.


Be able to review the effectiveness of a sport or active leisure session.

Learning Outcome 4: Indicative Content 

Reviewing the effectiveness could include:

  • evaluation of participants progression according to the session evaluation plan and against planned goals
  • review of effectiveness of activities, and session overall against planned goals
  • evaluation of the effectiveness of own management of the session, including health and safety and welfare issues
  • Consideration of participants feedback in evaluating their performance
  • provision of feedback to participants (e.g. verbal/written in next session).

Assessment Criteria

  • 4.1
    Assess the adequacy of their planning of a sport or active leisure activity or session which they led.
  • 4.2
    Outline own leadership strengths demonstrated when leading a sport or active leisure activity or session.
  • 4.3
    Outline ways in which own leadership skills could be improved.