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How do I withdraw a learner from the RAC?

A Point to Note….

All learner registrations submitted to Gateway Qualifications will be charged in accordance with our charges policy and are non-refundable. The withdrawal function will only remove the learner from your RAC and does not remove the learner from our database

  1. Click ‘Actions’ at the top of home screen
  2. Select ‘Your Cohorts’
  3. Find and select the cohort id from the list
  4. Select ‘Actions’ drop-down list beside learner details


  1. Select ‘Withdraw’
  2. Click ‘OK’ if you are sure you wish to withdraw the learner from the RAC.
  3. Once withdrawn, the learner status will change to Reregister
  4. Withdrawn learners can be added back onto the RAC by selecting Reregister from the ‘Actions’ drop-down list.