For all our qualifications, learners must be registered on our QuartzWeb platform using the guidance on how to do this below

If you wish to register Access to HE Learners all guidance can be found within the dedicated Access to HE Administration pages

Access to QuartzWeb

If you require access to QuartzWeb, please email in with your name, email address and role to the following address:

Points to Note:



This will ensure learner records remain unique and coherent.

  • Registrations must be submitted to us on our template registration form only.
  • It is now a mandatory requirement that units that you are planning to deliver are selected at the point of registration for qualifications that consist of optional units. Please be advised, should any alteration need to be made then units are amendable up until the cohort end date.
  • Late registration fees are applicable as outlined in the guidance below.

If you need extra help, please call the Customer Excellence Team on 01206 911 211 or email:

Full details of all our Qualifications, including Qualification Specifications and Rules of Combination where applicable, are also available here on our website.