Maintaining Learner Addresses

Please be reminded to check that you hold the most current address for your learners. This is of particular importance when posting certificates. Please include a return address should the certificate need to be sent back. If a certificate is returned to your Centre as undeliverable it should be retained for 12 months during which time attempts should be made for collection or resend.

Please refer to our Centre Handbook within the Customer Excellence section to review guidance on retaining/destroying learner certificates after 12 months.

Claiming Results and Obtaining Certificates

There are 2 ways to submit claims for your learners:

  1. Using the Report of Achievement or Completion (RAC) method, or
  2. By Direct Entry of Results (DER).

RAC Method

The RAC is the most popular method that involves generating and downloading a pre-filled form completed by the centre and then uploaded to us.

Guidance and order of process:

Claiming Certificates – Downloading and checking the Report of Achievement or Completion (RAC)

Claiming Certificates – Completing the Report of Achievement or Completion (RAC)

Claiming Certificates – Uploading the RAC to QuartzWeb

DER Method

The DER method allows the addition of results on the web interface.

Helpful links:

Direct Entry of Results – Single Learner

Direct Entry of Results – By Cohort

Tracking Results, Producing eCertificates and Replacement Certificates

Claiming Certificates – Tracking the Progress of Results or Certificates

Claiming Certificates – How to Produce eCertificates

Replacement Certificates