How do I complete the RAC?

A Point to Note…

This guidance is applicable to non-Access to HE courses only.

  • The RAC is a protected Excel spreadsheet and the course and learner details cannot be amended
  • The form must be completed online – DO NOT PRINT
  • The External Quality Assurer (EQA) will verify the results through secure online verification
  • All signatures are electronic and are not physically required on the document
  • All sections / boxes are protected except the achievement boxes in tab 2 in the learner row and the unit columns
  1. To record achievement – Tab 2 – Select the cell and click ‘Achieved’ from the drop-down list
  2. Save document to upload to QuartzWeb
  3. Now refer to the Claiming Certificates – Uploading the RAC to QuartzWeb guidance for further information


Example RAC provided below…

Image of RAC - Worksheet 1 Summay

Image of RAC tab 2 learner acheivement before completion












Image of RAC Tab 2 learner achievement after completion