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59 mins
Diana Muallem and Ali Foster

Awarding Qualifications in Summer 2020 – Offender Learning

This webinar is specifically for those working in prisons and explains our approach to awarding learners this summer.

The focus of the session will be on the process for ESOL qualifications but all of our other qualifications delivered in the secure estate are also addressed, such as Progression and Peer Mentoring.

Following on from our previous webinar in which we gave an overview of the Extraordinary Regulatory Framework that Regulators are implementing to enable awarding of results this summer, this webinar explains what information centres will need to collate to support the awarding process for learners to receive a calculated result and the information that you will need to send to us.

We also update you on the interim Quality Assurance process for calculated results and the approaches for qualifications where adapting or delaying assessments is considered a more appropriate mitigation approach.

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You may have seen a similar webinar titled “Awarding Qualifications – Next Steps” but this for colleges and training providers delivering in the community, while the Offender Learning webinar is specific to those working in a secure estate.

You are welcome to attend both webinars as we know some of you have teams that work with us outside of prison education as well.

More information about Awarding Qualifications – Next Steps webinar