Ofsted’s Chief Inspector Amanda Spielman gave a speech last week about the importance of teaching British values to the next generation, and how Ofsted will ensure this is done well.

In her speech, Amanda addressed the governments’ beliefs that teaching British values to young people will prepare them for adult life in modern Britain, and how Ofsted have a duty to help apply this view.

Amanda continues by identifying that many already recognise the significance of British values; they confirm the usefulness of Government for all citizens, and provide a unified understanding for a multicultural society in which minority groups, lifestyles and cultures can exist freely. Through this understanding, the bond of a shared society is strengthened. Sharing and understanding the same values promotes a trust and willingness to contribute to the common good.

“Making sure the next generation understands, respects and is willing to adopt these values is essential. They are values that give a simple message to our young people: in Britain, no matter your background, you can fit in, you can succeed and you can belong.” – Amanda Spielman, Chief Inspector, Ofsted

To help ensure they are fulfilling this requirement, more colleges and training providers are choosing to deliver qualifications such as:

Gateway Qualifications Entry Level Award in British Values (Entry 3)
Gateway Qualifications Level 1 Award in British Values 

The benefits of these qualifications include externally set and marked assessments – that are online and multiple choice – no charges for resits and are fully funded. Take a look at how one College implemented this approach, and received praise from Ofsted in their latest inspection. 

Full list of Gateway Qualifications qualifications